Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Virus Attacks !

We have been having a few virus attacks in our team since the last 3-4 days. It was Aruna first. But after a couple of days of anti-allergic pills, she was back. Was she? 
Or did the virus get transferred to somebody else? 

Seems the virus just changed hosts - Chandra chose to stay back in the hotel as he was down with flu.

But the next attack was on someone who wasn't prepared at all ! 
Not me, but my computer (!) 

Before I traveled to South Africa, I remembered being told by one of my friends in India about how he struggled with computer viruses for months after his visit to South Africa three years back. Beware of visiting South African websites, he said. 
So I did. And I stayed away from every " .za " domain name that I could think of. 

Except yesterday, when (both Savi and I) spent extensive times in a few " .gov.za " sites (these are Government sites) to collect several reports and data. And by now we pretty much know exactly which site did us in.

Computer viruses through Official/Government portals? Leads me to re-baseline my expectations :) 

So far, seventeen viruses killed in the night-long war between my anti-virus and them. Hoping there would be more casualties, as I head back to my bed. Can't take it any more. The only takeaway from the entire day has been the Argentina win against the Swiss a little while ago.

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