Friday, 11 July 2014

The Last Supper

_MG_4042_1The last, but not by any means the least, supper was at The Moyo’s. And it certainly was the best by any means. A perfect African ambience, dimmed lights, followed by a traditional African welcome and some Zulu face-designs that come as complimentary, this was an evening to remember. The entrance of the restaurant takes you through a small shopping arena which never goes unnoticed (needless to say, un-purchased).
Suro says goodbye to the team
The entire team (including Professor Maaga, John and Muriuki) was there. The only person missing was Suro (for reasons known) who bid adieu to most of us by 5 pm itself.
The food was awesome and elaborate. The relaxed mood of the team was very evident – it was clear that everyone was looking out for an evening like this to ‘break out’.

PicMonkey Collage1Everyone seemed to have been seeking for a chance like this to open up, like never before. The feeling of ‘adieu’ was also there – it was clear in many faces. After all, this was the most happening 30 days in most of our lives – 30 days that pushed you to open up, explore and discover one’s own selves.
But it wasn’t yet time for philosophy – so let’s try to capture the mood. And the food.
First, the food was good. And the good food was very experimental. Our friends Aruna and Chandra were quite thrilled as well to find a good coverage of vegan dishes (yep! I know you haven’t missed Chandra’s delight in the picture on the left). Effie and Julie were our best wine-selectors as usual.
The restaurant folks soon turned up with some blankets for everyone (watch Prof. Maaga with one on the lest picture). The blankets gave a feeling of having dinner in a Zulu environment. The fireplace was at a distance and provided the perfect backdrop.
Soon, the folks returned with painting brushes and palettes in their hands – to paint our faces and turn us into Zulu beings ! The team was quite thrilled by this and I remember nobody not wanting to have a go !

PicMonkey Collage_6_MG_4217_1


PicMonkey Collage_3PicMonkey Collage_4

PicMonkey Collage_5But yet another highlight of this restaurant was the live music. The person who was performing with his guitar, soon broke out into a terrific tap dance! The Professor joined him too briefly (for the vocals, not the tap dance). Yes Professor, we know you could do that as well, when you were young and beautiful.

PicMonkey Collage_2PicMonkey Collage_7

A beautiful evening spent beautifully. In the company of some of the most beautiful people.

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