Friday, 11 July 2014

…. That Ends Well

When I took the flight from home to Africa (12 June), I remember catching the Brazil game (Brazil vs. Croatia) at the Dubai airport. The World Cup had just kicked off and the entire world was getting ready to get charged up for a 30 day-whirlwind-journey. I was getting ready as well, for a very different kind of 30 days-journey.
Exactly 30 days later – 12 July, here I am – at the Dubai airport again – on my way back home. And guess what – Brazil is playing once again (!) – with Netherlands this time – for the 3rd place spot. The charged up crowd no longer appears to show the same energy to stand up and cheer Brazil in this dead derby, I feel chargeless too Smile . My 30-day journey has come to a close as well.
Lightening never strikes the same place twice. But it seems some things do. And hence perhaps this is the perfect stage to script this blog.
It seems just yesterday when we all got started. And time flew with the blink of our eyes. Looking back, it seems time travel - with flashes of Jo’burg, the students of Mafeking – the Professors – our lectures – the School – the Wilds – and also the not-so-wilds – all in front our eyes perfectly stitched collage !

By Thursday (10/07), people had started to show signs of nostalgia and grim. 14 uncommon people, unknown to each other, had gathered together for 30 days and ended up discovering the common-ness amongst each other. Wonder what was the unique element that bound so many people – was it Africa or was it simple co-incidence – one wonders.
On my way to the Airport, I wondered whether most of us were under the same nostalgic attack as the protagonists of Lost Rolling on the floor laughing (the American TV Series), minus of course the super-natural stuff.
Bulk of the team proceeded towards Capetown & Botswana, some towards Kruger and some like me flying back home directly. I don’t wanna watch the Argentina final anywhere else, and with nobody else other than my son – back home.
Very soon, we’d be in the Real world. A friend and I were discussing a weird concept today over breakfast – about co-existences of alternate worlds. Remember James Cameron – Avatar?
The smaller, unreal world appears in our dreams and is the most desired, but eventually gets engulfed by the other bigger, visible (&audible), powerful real world. And the engulfing is quicker than one realises.
Just a couple more days. Almost everyone is about to get absorbed into our respective civilisations. Reality.
Just hoping that the memories of the ‘unreal’ one manages to leave a few permanent traces behind. Priceless.


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