Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Goodbye Mafeking !

After spending almost a month in this sheepish town, tucked away in the North-Western corner of the country, we are heading back to Jo’burg tomorrow. But not before making our final presentation before the University – the respective Deans of Agriculture, Tourism, Comp Science and Media and the Vice-Rector of NWU. The response has been pretty awesome and we believe out recommendations has been well received. Hoping that the recommendations are implemented to take Mafeking to the next level of advancement.
It seemed the nature opened up to bid us Goodbye, as the morning welcomed us with a perfect (and a very rare) view right in front of our hotel. The temperature had dropped quite a bit – but at 8.30 on the morning, it was sunny. Yet – we find the tree right in front – partially covered in ice – yes ice (and not snow) while the rest of the tree showed no signs of any frozenness. There was no sign of any snow anywhere around as well. And since this tree-branch was right in front of the fountain, we had a wonderful view of a rainbow

That was a real wow (!) moment.
7.9.14 ice (1)
Icy Leaves on the tree + full sunlight + the rainbow. Pic courtesy: Effie Kakoutis

It was an emotional goodbye over dinner tonight with the students, professors and the Vice-Rectors of NWU.
World Cup update - It was an emotional goodbye to Brazil as well, as an epic scoreline awaited them. While the world watched them in amazement, they conceded 4 goals in 6 mins to give shape to a 7-1 (!!) scoreline. Germany moves to the Semis. Its Argentina vs The Netherlands tomorrow. Hoping to catching the match tomorrow from Jo’burg.

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