Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tick Tick. Chop Chop.

Working on a stiff schedule already. Meetings with directors and faculties seem quite challenging as most seem to be ready with the exams. Each of our sub-teams seem to be very busy already. Of course, Chandra is always ready with his "Chop Chop" mantra and it seems to be catching up with most team-members already. 

But am so far lucky to start my day with a straight appearance at the breakfast table - while some of the others are up and doing 'hup' right at 6.30 in the morning! Courtesy Godmother Katy. My lazy self has been able to hide in his bed, so far. 

The late returns has been spoiling most of our World Cup screenings so far. But amidst everything, Spain crashed out with a second successive defeat today. Brazil had a goal-less draw with Mexico as well, yesterday. Hoping this World Cup warms up very soon!

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