Thursday, 19 June 2014

Did You Know?

A nice surprise awaited us today evening. We were informed that the Premier (equivalent to the Chief Minister of any Indian State) was eager to meet us. Extremely excited, we were off to meet him at the Tourism Office which was around a stone's throw away from our hotel. 
"This is a special moment !"

" Chillax ! "

The wait was long and you could see the team getting impatient -  
Would be or Would It Not Be 
- was the question. 

"Don't be impatient guys !"
Unfortunately the Premier could not make it at the last moment. But we were pleasantly greeted by Mr. Charles (the would-be Head of Tourism of NW Province), the Director General, his officials and Lebo M

From the Left:  Muriuki, Valentina, myself, Lebo M, Tariq, Aruna, Effie and Wouter
Remember Lion King? If you do, how can you forget the opening voice? That was Lebo M, also the music composer of the film. Lebo M, now a legend within Disney and of course South Africa, was also the composer of Black Hawk Down and all the other Lion King sequels. Quite thrilled, we made sure a photo-op session was not missed :) 

The Director General addressing the team

Charles. Did I Know that a politician could be so humorous? Certainly not !
But the person who stole the thunder was of course Mr. Charles. Charles is currently associated with the Ministry of Communication, but is due to take over the Tourism Ministry under the Premier's office very soon. Widely traveled and a man with impeccable humour, Charles enthralled the crowd with his sense of amusement. He is a great orator too, as he had the audience in his grip with his series of "Did You Know?" trivia.  


  1. Mood of the evening captured excellently! Nice candid snaps too. Super!

  2. Share some of the moments with the students ; their life and ideas would be nice to hear. Do you have an interpreter or do they speak English?