Thursday, 12 June 2014

One Step Away...

Sitting inside the Calcutta International Terminal - waiting to jump inside the plane and heads towards Africa. Can't describe how excited I am and how much I have been looking forward to this one ! 

But the last 7 days has been no less than a whirlwind journey for me. Had been traveling in and out of the Scandics over the last 3 months and managed to get myself the South African Visa just in time. Managed to pack my bags just in time after I returned to Calcutta 3 days back. And here I am. Back at the airport.

Destination Johannesburg. This would be my 2nd visit to the continent after my 2011 vacation to Egypt. But considering the fact that the Egyptians don't consider themselves as part of Africa (!), I guess this would be my maiden voyage to the great continent. 

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