Thursday, 19 June 2014

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A surprise invitation for lunch from SABC (South African Broadcast Corp.) takes us to their swanky office for some truly authentic South African food which make it every Thursday. 

At the SABC Studios
Post lunch, we were taken to a tour of the studios by the CTO of SABC.This was a real experience - walking down the by-lanes of the studios that came up over the past 30 years. Music recording was in analog then. However, over time, everything moved to digital for the rest of the world and so did SABC. However, they retained some of the old instruments etc. - for the sake of nostalgia. Now, it is the time when the wheels of time are turning backwards - the world is rediscovering the merits of the analog recordings. And interestingly, SABC is flooded with offers from Europe to rent out their "old" analog recording devices (!) 

On Air - Live !!

However, the real surprise waited for us at the live recording studio. The person on mike was probably on live (realtime) on a radio program, when suddenly he strokes up a short interview session with Valentina. I think it took Valentina some time to really understand that she is on live radio. But when she did, she did a truly remarkable interview, never losing her compose. 

   In all, some great time spent.

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